Home Sleep Apnea Testing

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If your symptoms clearly point to sleep apnea, you can take a home sleep apnea test.

You will meet with our qualified Sleep professional who will take your relevant medical history and explain to you what sleep apnea in clinic or via Telemedicine. You will be given a home sleep apnea test kit and shown how to use it, so you can wear it at home while you sleep.

Your sleep apnea test results will be stored on a memory card in your machine. When you return the machine the data will be downloaded – to be scored and interpreted, normally by an independent sleep physician. The physician or your primary care practitioner will usually also provide treatment recommendations for you.

The benefits of a home sleep apnea test are that you don’t have to wait long for lab space availability and that you are more comfortable sleeping in your own home. With home testing, you will still typically be diagnosed by a sleep specialist.



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