AYO Glass

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Achieve your health goals by understanding your own body and effectively applying circadian light therapy. Using 10,000 lux of blue light, with AYO+, this device will help you regulate your internal body clock.

Backed extensive studies conducted at esteemed institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, and NASA. Here’s how it operates: Start by downloading the AYO app to explore your body’s natural rhythm and understand your Circadian Health, determining if it aligns with your biological clock. Uncover insights into your individual sleep-wake patterns and sleep requirements, and grasp how your own rhythm influences daily activities.

Sync your lifestyle with your biology through AYO, which automatically adjusts your habits to synchronize with your circadian rhythm, resulting in enhanced sleep quality, increased energy levels, and better overall health. Receive personalized guidance on light exposure, optimal sleep-wake schedules, meal timing, and more.

Utilize AYO to stimulate both the body and mind with gentle blue light, mimicking the reviving effects of natural sunlight. Remain aligned with the AYO app, and experience lasting enhancements as you embark on a journey towards a healthier, happier self.



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