ResMed H5I Cleanable Water Chamber Tub

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  • Dishwasher Safe Water Tub – Easy to disassemble and quick to clean
  • Compatible – Works with any ResMed S9 CPAP Machine
  • Climate Control – Provides consistent comfort ignoring ambient conditions

Dish Washer Safe Water Tub

Very easy to take apart, the ResMed S9 H5i Cleanable Water Tub can be disassembled effortlessly, and is dishwasher safe to provide better hygiene for your CPAP therapy. Regular maintenance of the ResMed H5i Cleanable Water Tub can increase the lifespan, requiring a replacement typically after two years of use. Distilled water is recommended for all CPAP humidifiers to prevent calcium build up, and if you choose to hand wash, warm water with a mild detergent such as baby shampoo works best. Clean and maintain your ResMed humidifier chamber and all CPAP therapy equipment like tubes and masks regularly.

Climate Control

With its ClimateLine technology the heated humidifier allows for all the parts of your ResMed set up work together with the five ClimateLine sensors to provide superior climate control throughout your CPAP therapy. The tubing has a mask sensor built in to control the temperature of the airflow into the mask at all times, so that the temperature at the mask is the same as the temperature that enters the tube, providing constant relief. The sensors around the humidifier are highly sensitive and can automatically adjust the temperature so that they can monitor the ambient temperatures and adjust accordingly to prevent rain out in the tube and mask.


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