Ophthalmic Eye Auto Non Contact Tonometer

  • Type:Ophthalmic Optical Equipments
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Model Number:MCE-NCT10


Auto tonometer utilizes image control and feature recognition for auto 3-D positioning of xyz with reliable judgment and measurement results, and easy to operate. The air non-contact approach to measure IOP can also be used for corneal thickness.

1.Auto 3-D positioning of xyz results in precise and reliable measurement
2.Full-auto measurement for both right and left eye data without manual switch
3.Easy to operate the tonometer with color touch monitor
4.Stable data of IOP through soft air measurement
5.To compensate corneal thickness measurement of IOP


Measuring range 1mmHg~ 30mmHg/1mmHg~60mmHg (1mmHg)
Measuring system Light and pressure dual sensing system
Working distance >= 11mm
R/L(right/left eye) Automatic detection and display
Mesuring result 10 times measurment and 3 times printing  each eye
Print Built-in printer
Measuring model Automatic /manual
Focus Focus light point in the focus frame

Automatic mode: Automatic intraocular pressure measurement

Manual mode: good focus, the focus frame from yellow to green, click to start the intraocular pressure measurement

Error If the measurement signal is weak, intraocular pressure will be () enclose or display “ERR”
Safety limit button The closest distance between the measuring head and the patient can be set
security function The distance between the jet port and the cornea is controlled within a preset range (11 m). When the jet head is too close to the cornea, it stops moving forward
Move range 30mm (front and rear) / 90mm (left and right) / 30mm (vertical)
Chin rest 0-65mm
Display 10.1inch HDMI colorful LED display, touch screen
Output USB2.0
Work table Electric table
Size 380(L)*460(W)*505(H)
Weight 19.7kg


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