HME Heat Moisture Exchange Filter for CPAP


Heat Moisture Exchange filter (HME) for CPAP machines is designed to provide passive humidification during CPAP therapy. The HME filter is attached to a mask elbow in order to take in heat and moisture from the user’s exhaled breath. The moisture is then returned into the air stream for inhalation to help prevent dryness at the lungs. MASK: When selecting a mask, the HME filter for CPAP machines will not work with masks that have a short tube extended from the mask frame. The HME filter must be very close to the moisture of exhale air to function properly. It must be connected to a mask with a simple elbow in order to give optimal results. CLEANING: The MaxMed HME cannot be cleaned. The MaxMed HME filter is manufactured in the USA and compatible with all CPAP, APAP, or BiPAP machines.



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