Fundus camera & FFA /Retina camera& FFA

  • Type:Ophthalmic Optical Equipments
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
  • Instrument classification:Class II
  • Model Number:MCE-KP-B

Technical Specifications
Working Distance: The distance from cornea is 40mm, Errors: ±2mm
Field of Vision Scope: 45°
Horizontal Angle: ±30°
Up and down Angle: ±12.5°
The Size of Outer Ring: φ7.4mm;
The Size of Inner Ring: φ4mm
Filters: Stimulating Filter (red&blue);
Depth of field contraction distance: ≥5mm
Refractive compensation:+15D
Seat movement scope:
The moving distance between the front and back: 60mm;
The moving distance between right and left: 120mm;
The moving distance between up and down: 30mm.
Working Environment
Temperature: -5℃–40℃;
Relative Humidity: ≤85%;
Atmospheric Pressure: 700hPa–1060 hPa;
Power: AV 220V±22V;
Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz;
Input Power: ≤300W.
Auto detected the eye position
Pupil size: 3mm
Illumination source: infrared
Auto /manual focus
Auto adjust flash intensity /illumination intensity according patient pupil size
Five internal fixation lamp/external fixation lamp
Nine internal fixation lamp: option
Image resolution: 10Mega
Fundus fluorescein angiography
Picture FFA image:FFA Video FFA image: FFA


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